At Asosa Personal we have bilingual Head Hunters, highly qualified with expertise of more than 20 years in Recruitment, Selection, Management and Development of Executive Talent in industry sectors and Specialized Departments such as:

  • Adhesives
  • Technical area
  • Scents and fragrances
  • Architecture and repainting
  • Insurers
  • Flavor houses
  • Consultants and Architects
  • Accountant
  • New business developer
  • Architects
  • New business de de consumo masivo (retail)
  • International Logistics Companies
  • Machinery and Packaging Companies

  • Satellite Tracking Companies
  • Pharmacist
  • Finance
  • Aministrative Management
  • Engineering
  • Ingredients
  • Marketing
  • Metalworking and manufacturing
  • Atomotive Paint
  • Plastics
  • Injection and extrusion plastics
  • IT Developers
  • Sales

At Asosa Personal we have a Specialized Service in the search for:

- Executives of the highest level
- High direction
- Middle Managers

We seek the most qualified talent for your Company, identifying the exact profile that your Organization requires with the ability to implement strategies, directing staff with leadership and vision for the future, nowadays it is a fundamental factor, therefore, at Asosa Personal we know that those Companies that have the most suitable personnel are those that will be most successful in the National and International market.

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Asosa Personal has 50 years of experience, has bilingual consultants.

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