At Asosa Personal we have 50 years of experience, with bilingual recruiters with more than 25 years of experience at all levels and in all areas of the industry nationally and internationally, such as: fragrances, food, insurance, marketers, construction , consumption, accounting, law and laws, engineering, logistics, manufacturing, metallurgy, chemistry, advertising, plastics, flavors, technology, etc.

Acquire the following benefits:

- Selection, Management and Development of executive talent in various industry sectors and specialized departments.

-A group of recruiters at your disposal

-We guarantee the fastest response on the market

-Recruitment (Initial and in-depth interview)

-Evaluation and labor research (Before sending the curriculum)

-We provide a written guarantee

-Customized services

- Your requirements are treated confidentially

- Boardroom for confidential interviews

-There is no advance or additional charges

- Psychometric and competency evaluations of the finalist candidate to be hired

- Socio-economic study

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Asosa Personal has 50 years of experience, has bilingual consultants.

Authorization and Registration Number STPS-ACT-STE09-00216


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